AbAlarm 9 Easy to use alarm clock – AbAlarm is a small and easy to use alarm clock for your PC. Actions – For example automatically shut down your PC. Pizza- / Tea-Alarm – AbAlarm knows the times of the best known pizzas and teas.


AbAlarm 9

Easy to use alarm clock

Give AbAlarm a specific time or the number of minutes to count down, and let it remind you automatically.


Let AbAlarm automatically open a website, shut down your PC or simply play an individual sound.

Pizza- / Tea-Alarm

Did you ever forget a Pizza in the oven? With AbAlarm this doesn´t happen any more. AbAlarm knows the most important types of tea and pizza with their belonging times.

Ready for Windows 10

This application has been already optimized for Windows 10. You don’t have to care which Windows operating system you have installed.


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