Category: MAC

AbAlarm 9

  • AbAlarm 9

AbAlarm 9 Easy to use alarm clock – AbAlarm is a small and easy to use alarm clock for your PC. Actions – For example...


Google Clean

  • Google Clean

Google Clean Prevents espionage – Turns off the espionage features of various Google applications. Deletes Traces – Deletes traces of Google applications on your computer. Automatic...


StartupStar 2016

  • StartupStar 2016

StartupStar 2016 Full control over the Startup – Enable, disable or delete programs in your Startup. Good overview – All startup programs directly clearly listed...


Converter4Video 2016

  • Converter4Video 2016

Converter4Video 2016 Video conversion for all formats – Converter4Video provides all established video formats and enables you to convert your videos from and...


YouTube Song Downloader

  • YouTube Song Downloader

YouTube Song Downloader Download music and videos – Simply enter the artist or song title in the search box and you’ll get great...


mp3 cutter 2016

  • mp3 cutter 2016

mp3 cutter 2016 Process MP3 files – mp3 cutter enables a wide-ranging handling of MP3 files (trim, cut out, fade in, fade out,...


Abelssoft Undeleter

  • Abelssoft Undeleter

Abelssoft Undeleter Rescues lost files – You deleted your files accidentally? Even data which has already been removed from the Recycle Bin finds...