Vega CashFlow easily integrates into the business processes, regardless of the scale of the organization. You can set up and use all the necessary cash flow categories as well as subsections for planning and controlling special budgets or projects. It will improve financial results of companies functioning in any business branch.

The cash flow plans are given in the form most convenient for perceiving and analyzing the data.

On a single screen the user sees not only the sums in the cross-section of cash flow categories, but also descriptions of all the sums in the form of comprehensible lists of specific transactions. The networking capabilities of Vega CashFlow make it possible to conduct planning at every center of financial responsibility with everyone at their workplaces and no need for exhausting paper document flow. The budgets of the centers of financial responsibility are automatically consolidated into a single funds flow plan, which significantly shortens the time needed for planning.

Current control system based on formation of payment ledgers contains an easy mechanism of decisions making support.

Such system enables to make more reasonable decisions on payment taking into account all aspects which influence the company’s activity: compliance with planned budgets, cash flow balance at day and month end with a breakdown into operating accounts and cash-desks. All information required for making a decision on payment is represented in one window. Just making ticks on payment execution, you receive all necessary information for making a decision.

In addition, the program provides possibility of payment ledgers formation on the basis of orders of subdivisions, thus, significantly reducing time for preparation of ledgers and minimizes the amount of paperwork.

Forecasting tools will allow estimating the perspectives of the company financial situation development basing on plans and actual tendencies of cash inflow and expenditure.

Forecasting is the process of modeling of future situation in the company basing on both planned and actual indicators. The menu “Forecasting” represents the tool for development of financial situation model in the company basing on actual tendencies of the plan. Such model provides more precise calculation of cash flow results. Therefore, this tool of the menu implements one of the elements of “Moving budgeting”.

Scenario forecasting provides operating answering of such questions as “What-if?” when modeling financial situation in the company. This tool is necessary for modeling of various scenarios of change in financial situation, for estimation of influence of particular factors on financial stability and for advance development of negative tendencies prevention schemes.

Different reports allow analyzing cash flows with maximum detalization.

The Vega CashFlow includes 33 standard reports which represent different variants of plan-fact analysis. Plan-fact analysis enables to compare planned indicators broken down by different kinds of analytics (cash flow categories, financial responsibility centers, budgets, contracting parties, projects and accounts) and their groups with actual indicators.

Report designer is meant for creation of user non-standard reports. Creation of reports is performed with the help of creation wizard and does not require programming skills.

Display of all the most important data on one screen – dashboard .

This panel on one screen displays all the most important data regarding planned and actual operations for the near future, forecasts of financial situation development and other important information. Information is displayed in graphic and tabular form.

Control panel allows minimizing time for getting familiar with financial situation in the company up to several minutes.

Composite indicator represents a separate window on control panel with indicator (button) the color of which characterizes forecast of financial situation development as of the current month. Therefore, you can determine presence of possible problems which may occur in future at a glance at indicator color.

Vega CashFlow provides possibility of cash flow controlling through the Internet.

Being outside the workplace, on business trip or on vacation, you can easily arrange payment ledgers, confirm budgets and perform complete control of the company’s activity through the Internet.

This can be necessary not only for CEO but for business owners or shareholders who can immediately trace financial situation in the company whenever convenient to them and being away from the office.


Vega CashFlow

Benefits of using Vega: CashFlow for chief executive officer or chief financial officer of the company

What is the main risk and what is the most difficult thing in company management? The biggest risk in business is uncertainty of future situation. How can the risks of future situation uncertainty be mitigated? Use of our software Vega: CashFlow enables to provide maximum compliance of financial situation in the company with your plans.

It is very easy to achieve your plans with the help of Vega: CashFlow since it provides the following:

  • easy planning of financial results necessary for you;
  • immediate operational control of all aspects of current financial situation;
  • automatic forecasting and effective tools of modeling of future financial situation.

With the help of Vega: CashFlow you can completely control the future of your company.

Convenient data presentation for in Vega: CashFlow enables to optimize cash flow quickly and reduce company costs efficiently. If you use our software, your company will receive a powerful tool for reduction of unnecessary costs.

Using Vega: CashFlow you will have the possibility of complete control of the company future. Watch video tour of Vega: CashFlow on our website now and within 10 minutes you will see how the program operates and why you need it.

Benefits of using Vega: CashFlow for business owner (shareholder)

What is the main purpose of business owner? It is receipt of consistently growing revenue from own property. And this can be provided by control of cash flow of your company. Increase in cash flow of your company means that the company is doing well and your revenue will be consistently growing.

It is very easy to establish complete control over activities of your company with the help of Vega: CashFlow since it provides the following:

  • instant access to required financial information of the company , regardless of where you are and at a time which suits you;
  • full insight into current financial situation in the company within several minutes;
  • automatic precise forecast of financial situation development in your company for the next month or year.

Due to Vega: CashFlow you can fully control cash flows of your company with minimum time-consumption.

Control and direct cash flows of the company providing consistent growing of revenue from your property. Watch video tour of Vega: CashFlow on our website now and within 10 minutes you will see how the program operates and why you and your business need it. Suggest to the CEO or CFO of Your company, to view video tour VEGA: cashflow and they will appreciate all the advantages of its implementation of the software.

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